Release Notes v6.5.5

Below are all of the release notes for version 6.5.5 of ServiceMonster:


Released: January 12th, 2021


  • Schedule v2.0 now has full dark theme support
  • Drip Campaigns now has full dark theme support
  • Added a warning message to the email editor that shows when attachments are too large to send
  • Created a rule for users to be able to modify existing payments, all security roles have it enabled EXCEPT: Technician Plus, Technician, and Laborer


  • Fixed several dark theme issues throughout the platform
  • Another attempt to fix intermittent issue where the login screen is grayed out
  • Improved the warning message if user attempts to save a marketing campaign with a name that already exists
  • Fixed an issue where the “can text” and “do not call” buttons were not working when creating a new site
  • Fixed an error that occurred on save or when filtering by “due week of” when in the activity panel view
  • Fixed an issue in the Quick Add where the updated route was not saved when changed via the dropdown on the appointment panel
  • Updated in several areas of the platform where appointments had the legacy label of “job”

Hotfix: v6.5.5.6

Released: January 14th, 2021


  • Added a new Order List View called “Lead Source Undefined” in the invoice sub-section. This will show all invoices that are missing a lead source
  • Added a new Account List View called “Lead Source Undefined” in the marketing sub-section. This will show all accounts that are missing a lead source
  • Added audit functionality to both Account and Order Lead Source edits


  • Improved drag and drop functionality in the “Edit Stages” page to ensure stages are saved in the correct order
  • Resolved an issue where stages of an opportunity would show out of order on the opportunity details page if the user had reordered the stages after Kanban creation
  • Fixed a text alignment issue in the In Progress dashboard
  • Fixed an error when navigating to the Activities panel view
  • Resolved an intermittent issue where some opportunities would fail to load
  • Deactivating a route will now properly reassign recurring appointments for that route as well if user chooses to move schedule appointments to a different route
  • Fixed a visual issue on the reminder list where the bottom row of the grid was being cut off
  • Fixed an issue where tech note fields were throwing errors before they actually reached their max limit of 2048 characters

Hotfix: v6.5.5.11

Released: January 20th, 2021


  • Reworked the UI for the probability field when creating new opportunities or viewing created opportunities.


  • Resolved issue where some Opportunities would fail to open
  • Fixed error when creating an Opportunity from the lead sheet in the lead list
  • Fixed an intermittent issue where lead sources would not save correctly under specific timing parameters
  • Fixed an issue where creating multiple packages in row, subsequent packages would only allow 5 line items or less
  • Removed unnecessary verbiage on the email tab of the Completion Wizard
  • Resolved dark theme issues in the “Add Items” modal and the webforms Marketplace configuration screen for better visibility
  • Made it more clear than when looking up Opportunities from the Order Details page via the “Select Opportunity” modal, that only Opportunities from the account selected for that order will appear
  • Resolved an issue where orders converted to invoice via completion wizard weren’t properly updating the “last referral date” field
  • Updated Super Technician security role to properly allow viewing account history from the mobile app

Hotfix: v6.5.5.13

Released: January 26th, 2021


  • Added “Assigned To” and “Updated By” columns to the Order Activities list


  • Fixed an issue so the dark theme view of Schedule v2.0 properly highlights columns between days rather than between routes
  • Resolved a visual issue where an appointment’s hover card would sometimes overlay the schedule menu items rather than being confined to the schedule only
  • Resolved an issue where manually updating an on deck appointment would intermittently sync an appointment to google calendar even if the status remained unscheduled
  • Updated login system so that additional special characters are allowed in password creation
  • Improvements to saving the probability and stage of an opportunity at the same time

Hotfix: v6.5.5.14


  • Fixed an issue where the Home v1.1 newsfeed was sorting incorrectly and removed the “see first” option from the sort order
  • Resolved an issue where the inferred and tracked tabs on the FMS home page were also showing non-FMS campaign results

Hotfix: v6.5.5.15

Released: March 4th, 2021


  • Fixed issue where internal notifications sent to technicians were coming from the wrong “from” address
  • Resolved a discount calculation issue for orders with both taxable and non-taxable line items

Hotfix: v6.5.5.17

Released: March 9th, 2021


  • Resolved an issue on the schedule related to the Daylight Saving Time (DST) time change that offset the scheduled time by one hour when scheduling appointments on Sunday, March 14th
  • Cleaned up the schedule header when showing a day is on the DST change
  • Resolved a caching issue related to users signing up for Stripe or and then being unable to utilize them for a short while. Those features will now be available immediately after signing up.

Hotfix: v6.5.5.20

Released: March 12th, 2021


  • Resolved an issue where appts scheduled between 11-11:45 pm on March 14th would instead show on March 15 at that time due to DST time change
  • Resolved an issue where dragging an appt from On-Deck to schedule and then adjusting the appt duration immediately by dragging the bottom of the appt card would sometimes add more time than expected
  • Contract created invoices with no scheduled appointments will now use the “print date” field rather than the (blank) appointment date on the default order forms
  • Fixed a typo on the margins dashboard

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