Release Notes v6.5.4

Below are all of the release notes for version 6.5.4 of ServiceMonster:


Released: November 19th, 2020


  • Agent and Agent Limited users can now properly login to ServiceMonster 6
  • Created new rules for Opportunities for both Agent and Agent Limited users as this feature was not available in SM 5
  • ~Both roles can create, view, and move opportunities around the Kanban
  • ~Both roles CANNOT delete opportunities, or edit/create/delete opportunity stages
  • Created new rules for Account Tags for both Agent and Agent Limited users as this feature was not available in SM 5
  • ~Both roles can create, select, or delete tags but only from within a specific account
  • ~Both roles do NOT have access to the global manage tags page
  • Added basic auditing functionality for Account Tags at the account level as well as the global audit
  • ~Account audit shows when a tag is added or removed from an account
  • ~Global audit page shows when a tag was first created, deleted, or if a name is edited
  • Created new activity list views that show “my activities” which are only the activities assigned to the user
  • Improved other activity list views to only properly return specified activity types (note = note, mail = mail, task = task, email = email) rather than grouping some together
  • Improved the Lead Source dialog to include the marketing group field and cleaned up the UI to make the process more intuitive
  • Updated the Schedule v2.0 UI
  • ~Updated toolbar to add separation between actions
  • ~Added a map icon to the column header to indicate which day is currently shown in the map view
  • ~Added a blue highlight to indicate which day is currently shown in the schedule date picker
  • ~Increased font size for date and route totals in column header for improved visibility
  • Updated Schedule Settings and functionality for the First Day of the Week setting in the Display tab
  • ~Selecting a specific day to start the week (e.g. always show Monday or Sunday as my starting point) will now properly maintain that setting no matter how you navigate the schedule
  • ~~If you directly navigate to a day outside of the current week, then the week will update and scroll you to whichever day the user selected
  • ~~User can select the “This Week” button to navigate back to current week
  • ~Selecting the “Current Day” setting  will always show the current day as the first day of the week
  • ~~Selecting a specific day in the future/past will then show that selected day as the first day of the week
  • ~~User can select the “Today” button to navigate back to the current day
  • ~~This setting is the only way to enable the “number of days to show” setting
  • ~Added UI description to the Schedule Settings page to help explain to users the difference between the options
  • Updated Quick Add Appointments tab
  • ~Clicking an empty cell now always adds a new appt at the cell clicked.
  • ~Moving the NEW appts is now strictly accomplished via changing the date, time, duration, and route from the New Appointment sidebar on the right. Before, you could not change the Route from the sidebar, now you can.
  • ~The green check button that used to mark an appt as "Confirmed" has been removed as it has made obsolete by the new behavior.
  • ~Clicking on an existing scheduled appt (ie, not a NEW appt) shows a message in the sidebar informing user to click on an empty cell to create new appts or an already added new appt to edit it.
  • ~Overall cleanup of the UI controls on the New Appointment sidebar
  • ~Increased height of the Appointments tab. It can now show up to 4 appts at a time.
  • ~The NEW appt cards have been made more prominent to better distinguish them from the non-NEW appts and to better associate them with the New Appointment sidebar header
  • ~Clicking the maximize button at the top-right of the Quick Add now fills up the entire window
  • Improved Documents tab
  • ~Users can now rename documents listed in grid
  • ~If a .pdf file is selected then a preview option will show
  • ~Added checkboxes to simplify UI to show when a row is selected
  • ~Rename/download/preview/delete buttons only appear when a file is selected
  • Disabled the “schedule” button when viewing a voided order to help avoid accidentally scheduling a voided order
  • Added a quick action + Activity button to the Home Page v2.0


  • Fixed an issue where zip codes were not showing in the lead list
  • Resolved an issue where search and filters were not working properly in the Activities list or the global Audit trail
  • Changed “Job” to “Appointment” in several areas
  • Integrating Google Calendar or Quickbooks Online no longer requires a refresh to show the integration is complete
  • Resolved an issue where sometimes linking a service item would show NaN as item quantity
  • Improved UI feedback if when attempting to renew an account in grace, the payment is declined
  • Resolved an issue where employees assigned a security role that is not available in SM 6 are shown as having a different role on their user page
  • Resolved some filter issues on the Appointment grid
  • Fixed an issue where the “yearlyrevenue” field revolving around contracts was not properly updating
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the order status was showing text rather than icon
  • FMS card contents are no longer distorted in the campaign viewer
  • Fixed an issue where the drag handles to re-arrange the order of line items would sometimes offset and take up extra vertical space
  • Resolved an issue where conflicts were showing on the schedule incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where “more options” could sometimes not be clicked by certain users
  • Fixed an issue where the schedule within the quick add would not properly move forward or backward in time if the selected appointment date fell out of the current weeks range
  • Updating the site within the completion wizard now properly saves the update
  • Daily route totals now correctly ignore appointments listed on the on-deck tab
  • Removed a retired column from the account list (Record Source)
  • Opportunity types now correctly shows in the picklist settings to edit
  • Added a scroll bar to the Account Tags section if list of tags grows too large
  • Schedule Sidebar properly updates to show if new technicians have been added via Sidebar
  • Fax field now properly shows in the account details section
  • Improved the address helper to keep address suggestions as close to dispatch region as possible
  • Clicking the color wheel icon when viewing the schedule now properly opens users to the color wheel settings
  • Re-arranged Home v2.0 dashboards slightly to better group the What’s New and Training dashboards
  • Improved UI on the Schedule v2.0 to better indicate that clicking a cell allows user to add an appointment
  • Resolved errors on our Zapier connection related to ordertype and accountid lookup

Hotfix: v6.5.4.16

Released: November 20th, 2020


  • Fixed issue where “Today’s Appointments” grid view was incorrectly using default UTC time zone rather than company time zone
  • Updated Schedule v2.0 so that today’s date is bolded rather than spelling out “(Today)” to save horizontal space for smaller screens

Hotfix: v6.5.4.17

Released: November 24th, 2020


  • Creating an activity with multiple assigned employees now properly only shows once in the Activities list
  • Fixed an issue where moving an appointment with a status other than “scheduled” would improperly show the wrong status on the schedule v2.0 sidebar  

Hotfix: v6.5.4.2

Released: December 2nd, 2020


  • Conflicts on schedule now properly show immediately when resizing appointment length directly on the schedule (v2.0)
  • Creating a call, mail, or task activity from the panel view now correctly defaults their status to “pending” rather than “complete.”
  • Webforms now properly save the route selection in the webforms settings
  • Fixed issue where two sets of time zones were showing in the company info time zone selection field intermittently
  • Line item editor properly allows for a NULL quantity if field is blank
  • Resolved an issue where a blank opportunity page would sometimes show when clicking into an opportunity, rather than the opportunity itself

Hotfix: v6.5.4.24

Released: December 10th, 2020


  • Login page will now remember your most recently used company ID and prefill that information on both SM 6 and Mobile


  • Last Referral Date field once again properly updates as expected
  • Resolved an issue where saving an opportunity too quickly would improperly select the first stage of the Kanban rather than the current stage selected
  • Fixed issues with SMTP test emails using the incorrect FROM address
  • Resolved an issue where recurring appointment reminders were not sending internal employee notifications to technicians when the reminder was converted into an order
  • Fixed a rare, intermittent issue where the “new appointment” column would remain on the primary schedule (v2.0) after creating the new appointment and saving via the Quick Add
  • Improved the Opportunity Stage delete process, so it is more clear what  action the user is committing to. Also added a second confirmation page.
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