Release Notes v6.5.3

Below are all of the release notes for version 6.5.3 of ServiceMonster:


Released: October 19th, 2020


  • Made improvements to the Google Calendar sync to significantly improve load times for users with 2-way sync enabled.  
  • Added ids to several elements on the schedule to better aid in app training lesson creation


  • Resolved an issue where Daylight Savings time change was not synced properly between Google Calendar and ServiceMonster
  • Improved UI/UX for time log edit page on both completion wizard and appointment window.
  • Resolved issue where adding a new post to “what’s new” section of an opportunity was creating duplicates of the existing posts (until refresh)
  • Updated how Opportunities are saved to avoid getting into a NULL state
  • Resolved issue where sometimes dragging an appointment off the schedule and onto the “on deck” section was failing to remove appointment from Google Calendar (with 1 or 2 way sync enabled)
  • Improved schedule performance overall so there is less need to refresh the page when dragging appointments off “on deck” or between different days/routes
  • Disabled client-side caching and removed toggle until further notice
  • Fixed an issue where changing both the route and technicians at the same time in the appointment window would cause the default technicians of that route to override the manually selected technicians during the save process

Hotfix: v6.5.3.10

Released: October 20th, 2020


  • Resolved backend issue for mobile reflecting appointments on month view
  • Resolved issue where dragging appointment from on-deck to the schedule would not properly assign default technicians assigned to the scheduled route

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