Release Notes v6.5.2

Below are all of the release notes for version of ServiceMonster:


Released: September 8th, 2020


  • Added a new Overview tab to the Account page. This will be the new default tab when entering an account.
  • Added ability to rename photos on the images tab within an order
  • Added Account Tags on both the Details and Overview tab within an account
  • Added a Tags section to the Account sub-menu to manage Account Tags
  • Added marketing filters for Account Tags
  • Added a sent notification when sending emails from the Completion Wizard
  • Renamed Route Services/Groups to Route Tags on the edit route window
  • Added a refresh spinner icon when schedule was refreshing data to better convey the action to users
  • Renamed “data tags” to “merge fields” within the system to avoid confusion with he newly created Account tags. Functionality remains exactly the same, label change only.
  • Added route name, total, and estimate yearly revenue columns to the recurring appointments grid
  • Added a success prompt when making credit card transaction from payment or completion wizard screens
  • Added a default subject line to technician route packet emails
  • Added improved UI and functionality to the self-import process for csv file imports
  • Added ability to self-import data from Quickbooks Online

  • Updated Zapier connection to both resolve several bugs but also add new functionality
  • Allows for better sample data to be shown
  • Custom fields will now show actual names rather than “customfield#”
  • Account ID/Order ID/Job ID now correctly work on secondary triggers
  • Leads now correctly have both first and last name fields
  • Resolved a “you don’t have permission to do that” error when setting up a trigger that creates an account


  • Fixed an issue where notification reminders were not updating email address pending notification after that email address was edited on the client’s account
  • Fixed an issue where adding the column for “Salesperson” on the orders list would cause an error
  • Disabled text/sms button on Appointment window if no textable phone numbers exist on account
  • Fixed an error where lead source was failing to update when changed manually
  • Fixed an error where users were unable to update email address for webform notifications
  • Fixed error when submitting an empty export batch for Quickbooks Online export
  • Improved UI when Quickbooks export was in progress to better convey process
  • Fixed an issue where the “created on” column would fail when adding to the Appointment List
  • Updated color contrast on newly created appointment cards shown in the Quick Add
  • Resolved an issue with the column filters on the global search failing
  • Fixed an error when clicking the clear search button in the MarketPlace
  • Correctly set Lead List default sorting method to Lead Number, descending (largest to smallest)
  • Fixed an issue where the technician’s name was cut off in the account recap panel of the dashboard
  • Fixed breadcrumbs not showing when navigating through the various Settings pages
  • Fixed an issue where opening google maps from route icon showed route starting from company address rather than dispatch address
  • Fixed an error when copying a site as new account when no site address is supplied
  • Fixed various errors related to server performance
  • Added pinpoint location back to Google Address Helper map
  • Fixed various errors found in server logs
  • Updated user security role selector to only show roles currently available
  • Fixed an issue where users could create notifications for appointment that had been cancelled
  • Fixed a broken link for the SMTP help page
  • Fixed an issue where renaming an image in SM 5 does not rename the image in SM 6
  • Fixed an issue where SMS confirmations did not appear in the notifications tab of the Appt details tab of the appointment window
  • Fixed filters for newsfeed on Home v1.1 so that they correctly show what the user desires within the newsfeed
  • Improved Service Item images UI to allow better visibility to saved images
  • Resolved a UI issue where the date selector was partially hidden
  • Added ability to scroll in the Completion Wizard order screen rather than cutting off bottom line items
  • Fixed issue so technician list correctly shows in alphabetical order

Hotfix: v6.5.2.16

Released: September 9th, 2020


  • Fixed an error when printing a route packet for a single route
  • Fixed a UI issue on the Quickbooks Online Export window
  • Fixed a UI issue on the Google Calendar configuration screen where the route selector overlapped text on some resolution settings
  • Payment confirmation now properly works on the completion wizard along with the standard payment screen

Hotfix: v6.5.2.17

Released: September 10th, 2020


  • Resolved issue where some users were experiencing long load times on the Account Overview page
  • Fixed red cherry bomb error on the account history grid
  • Fixed issue where SMS template page was failing to load for certain accounts

Hotfix: v6.5.2.19

Released: September 11th, 2020


  • Set a max record limit of 50 to the new dashboard lists on the Account Overview page (unpaid invoices, open work orders, open estimates, open activities) to avoid edge cases where users might have 100s or 1000s of open orders/activities
  • Created a “show more items” link to end of Unpaid Invoices dashboard list (mentioned above) if user has more than 50 total unpaid invoices.


  • Fixed issue where filters on the Home v1.1 newsfeed were not showing the most recent posts as expected or in some cases failing to filter at all
  • Fixed issue where some users could not load the Account Overview page for some accounts
  • Fixed issue where double payments were being applied after running a credit card charge and then clicking the save button. Payment screen will now properly close after running charge as expected.

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