Mobile Release Notes v1.4.4

Below are all of the release notes for version 1.4.3 of the ServiceMonster Mobile App:


Released 12/15/2021


  • Added GPS functionality to Check In/Check Out on an appointment. (6598)
  • Added a character restriction to all text fields. (8526)
  • Added a confirmation email form to the quick add. (8903)
  • Added a count to the menu bar icon for Images and Documents on an Order and Sites on an Account (8939)
  • Updated the Order  to make it more clear when an order is paid (8940)
  • Allowed Technician Plus to see 2 weeks back on  the schedule (8944)
  • Changed the android keyboard to one with a larger spacebar. This change also fixes any voice to text issues some users had on custom keyboards. (8945)
  • Allowed the Enter key to create a new line in the notes field (8970)


  • Fixed an issue preventing the Campaign Lead Source dropdown from populating for Super Techs or Agents in the Quick Add (6163)
  • Added the appropriate offline pages for the Login Screen (8791)
  • Made the Signature resize control easier to grab (8882)
  • Fixed an issue with the toast message not appearing upon creating a new order (8915)
  • Potentially fixed an issue with the phone mic not working on Motorola z3 Play (8916)
  • Fixed a crash when creating a new service items while creating an order (8918)
  • The Schedule now respects SM6’s Sort Routes Alphabetically setting. (8924)
  • Fixed an issue with the Schedule scrolling to 12am under certain conditions (8925)
  • Fixed a crash related to logout (8930)
  • Fixed android lag issues (8931)
  • Fixed an error from trying to save an account activity without a due date (8953)
  • Fixed certain fields not populating under Today’s Overview on dashboard (8957)
  • Fixed an issue some users were experiencing where Lead Sources were not saving in a New Account Form (8971)
  • Fixed an issue with new accounts not loading from the toast (8982)
  • Fixed an infinite spinner on the Order page when accessed via Recent (8996)
  • Fixed Schedule issues after adding or removing routes from the Day View (8997)
  • Fixed a crash happening when a new tax rate is saved (9039)
  • Fixed a crash happening when adding a new Custom Account Field (9041)
  • Fixed the app hanging on saving changes after deleting a Custom Account Field (9031)
  • Fixed an issue with several pages in the app being blank (9045)
  • Fixed a crash happening when adding a new site to an appointment or order (9059)
  • Fixed an issue with schedule after logging out and back in (9067)

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