Mobile Release Notes v1.4.3

Below are all of the release notes for version 1.4.3 of the ServiceMonster Mobile App:


Released 8/25/2021


  • Added a dashboard tab next to Home and Schedule – contains several dashboards concerning revenue and booking. (8708)
  • Added the ability to zoom in on images in the image view screen. (8315)
  • Added the site name to appointment cards on the schedule. (8408)
  • Modified the note fields in the mobile app to accept markup. (*surround text in asterisks for italics*, **double asterisks for bold**, etc.) (8562)
  • Made note fields collapsible after a certain length to save on vertical screen space. (8600)
  • Appointment cards now show the route icon and name. (8669)
  • Tapping the route header now opens the route in google maps. (8710)
  • Action toolbars on the Account, Order, and Appointment screens now have a settings button that allows buttons to be removed from or rearranged on the bar. (8716)
  • Note fields now show in different colors, matching SM6 convention (8726)
  • Added Quick Action buttons to the Send Text screen on mobile. (8732)
  • Added the ability to add a promo code to an order on mobile. (8383)


  • Commercial accounts now handle empty contact names correctly, instead of displaying “(undefined undefined)”. (8592)
  • The Order Created toast now populates correctly when an order is created from the account details page. (8655)
  • Lead Source note now saves properly on new accounts.
  • Adjusted the size of the photo preview on android to more accurately reflect the photo size (8661)
  • Adjusted daily route totals to match SM6’s values. (8699)
  • Can Text flag now saves properly when an account is created through the Quick Add or from a New Order page. (8718)
  • Realigned the name of the SMS Template on the Edit SMS Template page. (8743)
  • Blocked the use of emojis within the app to prevent numerous issues. (8757)
  • Fixed numerous issues with adding photos to orders or appointments. (8758)
  • Fixed an issue with the Pay button on the Order toolbar not working. (8774)
  • Fixed a crash occurring when tapping the appointment reminders button on an account which has no valid phone number. (8792)
  • Fixed a crash occurring when tapping a conflict on the schedule. (8884)
  • Fixed an issue with the Month view on the schedule displaying blank under certain circumstances. (8887)
  • Primary sites on an account can no longer be marked as inactive. (8879)
  • Fixed an issue with the account list crashing when a comma is the first name of an account. (8660)

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