Mobile Release Notes v1.3.14 and v1.3.15

Below are all of the release notes for version 1.3.14 of the ServiceMonster Mobile App:


Released 6/01/2021

  • Added SendJim integration to the Account Details and Appointment Details screens.
  • Added an account list to the home screen.
  • Added the ability to export schedule items to google calendar from the mobile app.
  • Increased the character limit on note fields to match those on desktop.
  • Removed the New Account button from the Order Details screen when accessed from the Account Details screen (replaced with the new account list).
  • Fixed an issue where updating schedule settings on the mobile app would reset those settings on desktop.
  • Adjusted Daily Route Totals to be in line with what’s being displayed on desktop.
  • Renamed “Recent Activity” to simply “Recent” on the Home Page
  • Fixed an issue on the New Order page where updating the description of one line item that had multiple instances of the same line item on an order would change the price and description of all line items
  • Order page auto refreshes after a payment is added to properly show that change in the balance due
  • Deleting an order activity now re-directs you to the order activities page rather than the Home Page
  • Fixed an issue where editing the route an appt is assigned to wasn’t automatically updating the tech(s) assigned
  • End of day shading now properly matches the business hours rather than being off by one hour
  • Resolved a crash when editing appointment notes
  • Updated Tech notes and Admin notes to properly allow the max of 2048 characters to match SM 6
  • Fixed an issue where the from field in emails would sometimes show as blank rather than default to the company email or the template default
  • Resolved an issue where the appointment timer was getting reset if user navigated to the schedule and then back to the appointment page.
  • Camera icon is no longer cropped on smaller phone screens


Released 6/01/2021

  • Added “Account Created” toast functionality to the account list.
  • Restricted SendJim functionality of users at Technician Plus levels or below; said users will not be able to select a Quick Send and will use the defaults set in the ServiceMonster 6 web app.
  • Updated wording on permissions requests in iOS.

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