Using Service Items

What is a Service Item?

Service items are an advanced option you can utilize when building your orders to link up "what" is being serviced by your line items. Example: If you are cleaning a rug then the line item would be "cleaning" and the service item would be the rug itself. If you utilize this level of tracking you can more easily capture when the last time a particular item was serviced and can help become the expert on your client's home. You will also save a considerable amount of time on repeat business as all of the rooms, surfaces, items, etc that were serviced will be saved to that service location.

How Do I Use Service Items?

Service items can be created on order forms. Simply open up an order and click on the line item you want to create a service item for. 

The details of the line item will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. In the lower half of that screen, you can view and create service items for that site. 

Here you can do the following:

Create a new Service Item: Click on the “+” button to create a new Service Item.

Open Batch Link Mode: Clicking on the chain button turns on the Batch Link Mode where you can select multiple service items to link to line items at the same time. 

Manage Service Items: Clicking on the list button (Next to the chain button) opens a window where you can view and edit all service items for this site. 

Auto Update On Link: Here you can select what will be updated on the order when a service item is linked with a Line Item. You can pick if you would like the description or quantity will update. The description of the line item will change to the description of the service item, and the quantity will update to the quantity of the service item based on it’s dimensions. 

Select either “add a single item” or “add/edit multiple items” to start building your service item.

Creating A Single Service Item

If you selected to create a single service item, this window will appear. 

Here you can enter in the following information about the service item:

Name: The name of the Service Item, such as “Living Room”, “Area Rug”, or “Garage Roof” for some examples. 

Description: Optional, a description of the item.

Dimensions: Optional, the dimensions of the space, 10x5, 16*35, 10x12-2x3, for example.

Quantity: The total quantity for the space, this calculates automatically based on the dimensions. 

Images: In the images tab you can upload photos of this space. 

Click “Save”. The Service Item will be created. 

Simply click on the line item and service item to link them together. A small chain icon will appear next to the line item with a number to represent how many Service Items are linked to it. 


Creating Multiple Items

You can create multiple service items by clicking on the “add/edit multiple items” link. A window will open where you can start building the service items. 

In the “Name” Drop down menu you will be able to pick from a list of Service Item names, or you can create a new name by clicking on the blue “+” button.  

You can then add a description, dimensions (Which will auto update the quantity), and or quantity. 

To add another Service Item, you can click on the “+ New” button to add another service item to the list.

Click “Save” and the Service Items will be created. 

Click the line item and service items to link them together. This will update the quantity and amount due. 

Remember that service items are linked to the site address, so if you ever work again at the same location the service items you previously created will be available for you to use.