Mobile App Tech View

What Can Our Technicians See?

Use the video below to introduce yourself and your team to the Technician View of the ServiceMonster mobile app. This is how the mobile app appears to users with the security role of "Technician" in ServiceMonster.

Click here to learn more about Security Roles.

Mobile App Tech Views Of The Schedule

Super Technician: Can view full schedule, no restrictions

Tech Plus: Can view own schedule 3 weeks forward and 2 weeks back

Tech/Laborer: Can view own schedule 2 weeks forward and 1 week back

Note: This was designed with "business weeks" in mind. The calculation uses the first day of the current week rather than updating each day. That means when viewing on a Friday, the techs/laborers will only see through the next week, but once they check on the following Monday they'll see that second week show up.