How to Change An Order Type

Orders in ServiceMonster

As you progress with your order, you may need to change the order type. In ServiceMonster there are three order type options, Estimate, Work Order, and Invoice. 

The Estimate is always color-coded blue as you can think of as the talking stage of your work.

The Work Order is always color-coded green, and you can think of it as the working stage.

Then the Invoice is color-coded pink and you can think of it as the payment stage of things. 

How to change order types:

The process of changing your estimate into a work order, or work order into an invoice is simple! Open up your order in ServiceMonster.

Right underneath the “Save” button is a drop-down menu, click on that to open it up. 

Select the type of order you want to change it to, then click “Save”.

The order type will be changed.