Enabling a Text Number (SMS) on an Account

This has happened to almost all of us. You have just created a job and want to send a job confirmation. But when you select the SMS dropdown, no phone numbers are displayed. What happened? The number failing to show up in the dropdown is simply a matter of allowing text messaging for the Account phone number. Follow these steps:Step 1: Select Account > DetailsStep 2: Locate NumberStep 3: Select Can Text bubble so it is highlighted in blue.Step 4: SaveNote: Normally, when creating an account, the Can Text bubble should be auto selected. Just be sure to double check that the bubble is indeed highlighted.

Step 6: Select Job History tabStep 7: Select WorkStep 8: Select Text in the Job Pop-upStep 9: Select Template and Phone Number in respective dropdownsStep 10: Send

The same principle works for Job Reminders/Notifications.

So, what do you think of that gem of a text bubble?