Credit Memos

What is a Credit Memo?

In ServiceMonster a Credit Memo is is a way to correct a payment miscalculation and apply a credit on a clients account. 

How to create a Credit Memo

To create a credit memo, open the account for the client in question. 

Click on the “History” tab. This opens a list of all orders and payments on this account.

Click “New Credit Memo”. 

Here you can edit the following information: 

Memo: Note about the credit memo, what occurred, ect.

Amount: The total credit amount, or the amount needed to be refunded. 

Credit Group: What type of credit it is, examples include Refund or Vip Customer. If you need to Create a New Credit Group, click the Plus sign next to the Dropdown.

Payment Date: The day this credit was created or the payment was recorded. 

Reference Number: Optional, a reference number, could be a payment transfer number or a check number. 

You can apply this credit to an order now by selecting the orders it should be applied to. Otherwise, click “Save” and the credit memo will be created and on the account. 

Applying The Credit Memo To An Order

Applying the credit memo to an order is easy. Simply open the account history and click on the “Credit Memo” link in the Transaction column.

This will open up the details of the credit memo in a new window.

Used the drop down menu next to “Order Number” to select the order it is to be applied to. Then click “Save”. The credit memo will be applied to the order. 

Applying A Credit Memo to Multiple Orders

To apply a credit memo to multiple orders, open the account history and click on the “Credit Memo

This will open up the details of the credit memo in a new window.

Click on the “Split Payment” button. 

Here you can select multiple orders; when an order is selected you will be able to adjust how much of this credit is applied to each order in the “Payment” box. 

Once you have made the adjustments you need, click “Save”. The credit will be applied to the orders.