Creating Call Campaigns

Creating Call Campaigns

Creating Call Campaigns

1. Go to Marketing (Navigator) > Campaigns

2. Select New Call Campaign (middle top)

  • Give your campaign a name (required)
  • Assign a Marketing Category
  • Assign a Group, Subgroup, and Description to your new campaign (optional)
  • Click SAVE

3. Filtering Accounts

  • This feature decides WHO receives this campaign
  • Click on ##/## Accounts filtered button (middle top)
  • Click Add Condition
  • We suggest 3 primary filters for call campaigns:
  • Account: Active — True
  • This filters in active customer accounts only
  • Account: Do Not Contact – Phone — True (Subfilters Account: Phone1, Account: Phone2, Account: Phone3 — NOT BLANK)
  • This filters out any customer that have stated they don’t want to be called
  • Account: Commercial — True or Account: Residential — True
  • This filter assigns this campaign to commercial or residential customers
  • **You can use other filters if desired!

4. Running the Campaign

  • Click the button Run Campaign
  • Choose either Create Export File (creates an excel file) or Create Call List
  • Create Call List – select a date for those customers to be called, assign who makes phone calls
  • Click Run Campaign at the bottom

5. Tracking the Progress of the Call List

  • Go to Leads (Navigator) > Activities
  • Click on any of the activities under the subject line (related to your new call campaign)
  • Inside the pop-up, you can check it as done, change the priority status, make notes about the call
  • Click SAVE