Uploading Your Basic Company Info

What is your Company Info?

One of your first steps in ServiceMonster is to get all of your company info into the system. This information will be used on the order forms generated in ServiceMonster, can be pulled and used in Email, SMS, and Marketing Templates, and lets you also decide some processes for how you want ServiceMonster to work for you.

Where Can I Add In Company Info?

From the ServiceMonster main screen, you can click on the settings at the bottom of the left-hand side menu.

For a more in depth view of every setting on this page and what they mean, click here.

Here, click on the Company Info box.

This is where you can fill out your companies information.

Business Info

The first section is your companies information, you can think of this as being client-facing, as it is used on the forms created through ServiceMonster.

You can add in your company logo by clicking on the "Logo not Set" icon, then choosing a file.

Once you have uploaded your company logo, it will be displayed automatically on all orders and billing statements. The logo should be one of the internet recognized image file formats like .bmp, .jpg, or .gif. The maximum allowable dimensions of your logo are 800 pixels by 800 pixels, 300 dpi

Default Settings

Here is where you can choose the information that will be used as defaults for within your ServiceMonster system.

Auto Settings:

These are our automatic settings, also includes requirements you can set for when making accounts or orders.

Once you have everything filled and and customized to your liking, click "Save" to save that info into the system.